Fixture Manufacturing

Retail Counter Construction is the key and paramount business in HAYA Retail, with a long history ever since the early days of the company. Our accumulated experience and craftsmanship ensure our leading advantage in the industry. We have built tight business connections with over fifty internationally renowned brands over the years. Our successful projects can be found in all retail fields including skin-care and make-up products, jewellery and watches, fine leather goods, ready-to-wear, etc.

Tailor-made Exquisite Counter Construction
HAYA is committed to manufacturing the finest and highest quality detailed millworks and joineries for the high-end luxury brand clients in the retail world. We pay special attention to the need of best quality guarantee, one-on-one master service, innovative craftwork R&D and internationally competent service team set-up.   

Quantity Standardized Counter Construction
HAYA is a perfect fit for all the popular brands. We provide high cost-effective products, backed-up with our large construction capacity and efficiency, nation-wide network of swift after-sales service, and economic management program.