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La Mer Huashan ITC Grand Opening

Jun 25, 2020

La Mer Shanghai ITC one project, located at No. 1901 Huashan Road, Shanghai, covers an area of 82.3 square meters. 

The full facade design of the project is mainly build with patterned glass, and the interior wall is made of diatom mud board and wire mesh. The handmade diatom mud board, which is difficult to achieve, and finally satisfied by clients. The internal floor is designed to redial pattern, and the special-shaped tile is water cut from 1200mm x2400mm full size. To apply it, which is also difficult which require many practice by our technicians. 

The millwork of this store are mainly metal and stone combined, which has highest standard for the assembly technology. The fish tank, after filled up will become over weight according to the load-bearing requirements of the Design Institute, we reinforcement with support accessories to ensure safety of the store operation and handover. At the same time, we also put in consideration of heat dissipation in the process of project design development. The design and manufacture of ceiling molding roof are also very complex. It is not only necessary to consider the problem of closing, but also to meet the problems of lighting and on-site installation. It is produced after careful consideration by our professional design and technician team.