Design / Millwork Manufacturing / Service


HAYA understand and respect complete brand's concept

  • Brand Image

    HAYA understand and respect complete
    brand's concept

  • Attention To Detail

    We care for all details requested by clients

  • Be Responsible

    We handle each project from A to Z taking
    full responsibility

At HAYA, good business begins with doing right by all our constituencies and holding ourselves to
the highest ethical standards.


    Honesty in our internal and external communications and with all business transactions


    Respect for our employees, clients, vendors, partners and the communities in which we work and live


    Quality in our products and services, striving to deliver the highest value to our clients and partners

Responsible Attitude

Responsibility system:HAYA has set strict rules and regulations for all employees to follow. Focus on quality:

Quality of the process

Quality of the detail

Quality of final products

Quality of whole operation

Quality culture has become the philosophy in HAYA. This type of behavior extends responsible attitude out to the entire company.

Improper Payment

HAYA, our Employees, Contractors and Agents shall not, either directly or through an intermediary
to demand, solicit or accept an Improper Payment.