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Gucci Chengdu IFS Store Grand Opening

Nov 30, 2019

This project is the first cosmetics flagship store of Gucci brand in China, and the brand style is famous for "high-end, luxury and sexy". IFC, the most prosperous international financial shopping center in Chengdu where the store located, with an area of 120 square meters. The shop plan presents a non-standard fan-shaped structure with a special-shaped landform. Therefore, more technical challenge are put forward for the preliminary survey/prefabrication/on-site installation. Another difficulty in promoting the project is that the construction period is short and the requirements are strict. For the details of interior design, it needs to fit the brand image of Gucci and highlight the noble and luxurious brand value. In addition, the project also integrates the regional characteristics of Chengdu, which provides effective help for the localization of brand image and the optimization effect.