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SKII Beijing Hanguang Grand Opening

Nov 30, 2018

The first department store of SKII new concept in Beijing. Located at 1st floor of Beijing hanguang shopping mall with and area of 41.4 sqm.

The new image design of SK-II is implemented for the first time in the real production.  The design of matte white surface and wood color is added on the basis of standard SK-II red to highlight the luxury image; the design of special-shaped ceiling with soft film and chandelier is used to increase the brightness of the showcase; the new technology of laminated red glass is used for the back cabinet to build the whole fairy water wall, and the camera and touch screen are used to increase the interaction with customers. Clients visited the site in person and give high appraisal, affirming the considerate and thoughtful service provided by HAYA in the process of design, production and installation of the project.