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Dior Fuzhou Taihe Shopping Center Grand Opening

Dec 30, 2018

This Dior project is located in Taihe shopping center, Fuzhou, with a total area of 93 square meters.

It is the only Dior boutique store has and independent beauty salon of the year, the beauty salon which is also the latest brand image.

The challenge of the project lies in the fact that the terrain of the floor is abnormal, the ground positioning of the back cabinet are extremely difficult, and the designer and production technicians need to make multiple site measurement; many sampling work of materials need to be confirmed. When the project has been issued and started, there are many uncertain factors. It is necessary to ensure the normal progress of the project, take into account the standard progress, and also consider the backup aspects in case of any incident. The overall beauty room is a fully enclosed space, and the environmental protection improvement measures should be strengthened before use. The interval between construction and opening of the project is very short, so it is necessary to consider various requirements of air conditioning/fire protection and deodorization under extremely limited conditions, and at the same time, to meet the brand design intend. The design/R&D and production teams have fully played the role of professional team cooperation. Under the limited resource in all aspects, the project opened on schedule and was highly praised by clients.